Our Story

The story happened in a chilly night of 2017.


Our founder Rex was meeting in Los Angeles International Airport with an important customer, and he was demonstrating the PPT by a Macbook.

Everything was fine and a satisfied smile emerged on the customer’s face.

And then the laptop was out of battery.

With no charger and no power bank, at that embarrassing moment, Rex remembered why he didn’t bring a power bank.

Oh, it was too thick to put in the sleeve bag.
And it was too ugly to show.

But it was OK, he got a backup in his iphone, so he continued his demonstration.

And just as the Murphy's Law says: Things that might be wrong will surly be wrong.

You can guess it out, the iphone was out of battery too.
When the moment poor Rex thought the business was ruined.

You may not guess it out, the customer’s mobile phone was out of battery as well.

So they both laughed out, made a handshake, and made the deal done.

After that, an idea hit in Rex, why not provide some thin and beautiful, quick charged and multi-interfaced power banks?

So he studied all the solutions in the market, but none of them could satisfied him.

And then he cooperated with a powerful factory to develop a new solution with thin and beautiful design, quick charged and multi-interfaced functions.

He has put millions dollars in it.

The fruit finally came out at 2018 and was put on Amazon to sell.

This is the story of our brand.

Keeping All Our Mobile Devices Full of Power is the Mission.

Will you with us?