Which is the better quick charge? PD or QC?

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I assume that you have already read my other articles which introduced about the PD and QC.


If not, it does not matter as well.


You just need to know PD and QC are the most popular quick charge standard.

If not the only 2 quick charge standard.


There are lots of official explains online, which, as you know, are not easy to read and understand.

I am curious as you about the purpose that they wrote these articles.


So as a consumer, before this question, there is a more realistic one:

Which quick charge standard does my devices suited?


Yes, theoretically, PD is better than QC.

PD represents the future, its function is the best.


But now, not so much devices suits PD, only exists in some high-level devices like apple.

And it only supports USB Type-C ports.


And QC, on another hand, are more compatible than PD.

Most devices, if not so outdated, are suitable.


So, the answer is , if your devices suits PD, chose PD, it is the best.

If not, chose QC, it is the second best.


By the way, in the latest QC 4.0, it is compatible with PD.

These two quick charge standard will gradually turn to one thing.




Oh, you asked if there is a power bank support both PD and QC?

Of course there is!

Otherwise why I write about this article? ^^


Search “charmast PD QC ” on amazon, you can find some.

And if you want them cheaper, just email me:



congratulations about the new knowledge you got just now.

Have a nice day!


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