What is PD?

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What is PD?


My friends, if you search “Power bank” on Amazon, you will Probably find many listings have “PD” on headline, on pictures, and on anywhere.


So, what is PD?


PD sands for Power Delivery, which is a relatively new fast charge standard which was introduced by the USB Implementers Forum, the creators of the USB standard.


It is an industry-standard open specification that provides high-speed charging with variable voltage up to 20V using intelligent device negotiation up to 5A at 100W.


It scales all the way up from smartphones to notebook computers provided they use a USB-C connector and a USB-C power controller on the client and host.


OK, forget about the non-humanity words above, let me say something simple.


1,PD is a fast charge standard. The devices fit with PD standard can be charge faster, like 2 times to 50 times faster than non-fast charge.


2,There are some fast charge standards nowadays, and PD is the future, it has more supports and better functions.


3,There is no 3.


As a consumer, we only need to know these above, enough.


So, do you want charge your devices quickly?


If so, pick the power banks that has PD standard.


Add some money, and save some time.


You worth it!


Oh, by the way, make sure your devices are conform to PD standard before buy a PD power bank.


Why I write about this?


As a wise guy you must know that we provide PD power banks, search “Charmast PD power bank”. You will got a faithful one.


Wish these may help.


And always have a good time.


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